-Check Fuel Tank.
-Check Oil Level.
-Check start switch.
-Check the choke valve switch.
-Check the sprat plug.
-Check the fuel valve.
-Check the Ignition coil.

What causes a generator earth fault?
– insulation breakdown.
Why AVR Failure?
-Voltage spikes or drops.

Why Generator Run but No power?
-Loss of residual magnetism.

Why Generator Won’t Turn over?
-Check the battery.
-Check the recoil stator.
-Check the flywheel.
-Check the fuel filter.

Why Generator Sputtering?
-Carburetor clogging up.
-Disconnect all electric device.
-Check the air filter.
Engine Problem.
-Is your fuel fresh?
-Is your Carburetor clean?
-Is your spark plug faulty?
-Are you having Ignition problem?
-Is your engine exhaust smoking?
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