-High Speed precision winding Machine

-Woven Textile strip Slitting Machine

-Car Leather Seat Qualifying Machine

-Woolen fabrics Machine

-flatlock sewing machine
-Plotter printing machine
-Fusing machine
-Embroidery machine
-Sewing machine
-Thread Trimmer machine
-Thread sucking machine
-Iron machine
-Pull test machine
-Metal detector machine

-Bar-code scanning machine
-Heat seal joining the machine
-Case label printing machine
-Moisture checking machine
-Digital Hygrometer
-Air compressor machine


Mixing or Blending Machine

-Hopper bale breaker or Hopper bale opener

-Axo flow cleaner

Bale Opener Machine

-Crighton opener or Vertical opener

-Step cleaner or Ultra cleaner

-S.R.L.L cleaner

-R.N beater

-Porcupine opener

-Mono cylinder beater

-Hopper feeder

-Bladed beater

-Krishner beater

Carding Machine

Draw Frame

Lap Former


Roving Frame or Simplex



-Winding and Reeling


-Combing, Roving

-Twisting / Two For One (TFO)

Texturizing Machines

-Covering Machines

-Doubling Machines

Ring Spinning Machine

-Spinning Machines (Open End)

-Spinning Machines (wool and woolen)

-Spinning Machines (others)

Weaving Loom:

-Wrapper (Sectional)

-Wrapper (Direct)

-Wrapper (Sample and others)

Sizing Machine

Rapier Loom

Air Jet Loom

Water Jet Loom

Projectile Loom

Jacquard Loom

-Loom for Terry and Towels

-Loom (Others)

-Dobbie’s and Cams

-Jacquard Heads and Punchers


Flat Knitting Machine

Circular Knitting Machine (Single Jersey)

-Circular Knitting Machine (Double Jersey)

-Circular Knitting Machine (Outwear)

-Circular Knitting Machine (Others)

-Pantyhose Knitting Machine

-Sock Knitting Machine

Mitten or Glove Knitting Machine

-Warp Knitting Machine


-Beem Dyeing Machine

Jet Dyeing Machine

-Fabric Dyeing Machine HT/Atmospherics/Overflow

-Indigo Dyeing Machine

-Dyeing Color Kitchen

Jigger Dyeing Machine

-Padding Mangle

-Yarn Dyeing Machine – Cone/Hank

-Air Jet Flow

Dyeing Machine Controller

Cutting & Slitting:

Slitting/ Slitter Machine

Straight Knife Cutter

Round Cutting Knife Machine

Auto Cloth Laser Cutter

Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine


Dryer/Hydro Extractor:

Tubular Compactor

Open Width Compactor

-Thermo Setting Machine

-Roller Squeezers

-Hot flues

-Chemicals Dispensing System



-Centrifugal Hydro-Extractors

Hydro Extractor

-Tension Less Gas Dryer


-Braiding Machines

Embroidery Machine Grouping

-Shuttle Embroidery Machines

Single Head Embroidery Machines

Multi Head Embroidery Machines

Quilting Embroidery Machine

-Embroidery machines for sale

Cap Embroidery Machine

Sequin Embroidery Machine

Mixed Embroidery Machine

Trimming Embroidery Machine

Towel Embroidery Machine


-Brushing Machine

-Coating Machine

-Emerizing / Sueding / Sanding Machines

-Decatising Machinery


-Embossing Machine

-Damping textile machine

-Laminating Machine

Raising Machine

-Polishing Machine

-Relaxers / Reduction Machine

-Pleating Machine


-Pile Finishing Machine

-Coating Machine

-Singeing Machine

-hearing Machine

-Shrinking Machine

-Triggering Machine

Label Ironing Machine


Equipment’s of Inspection

Fabric Tester List

Fabric Inspection Machine

-Day light box

GSM Tester/ Cutter

– PH meter

-Garment machinery

-Doubling equipment’s

-Packing equipment

-Storage equipment


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