• Company Name: Rockwell Automation

Service provides: -Circuit & Load Protection.
-Condition Monitoring.
-Connection Device.

-Energy Monitoring. (Next generation of high-end, power-quality metering products. Building on core power and energy metering capabilities, the Power Monitor 5000 takes energy monitoring to the next level.)

-Industrial Control Products.

-Lighting Control device.

-Motion Control Device.

-Network security & Internet.

-Relays & Timers.

-Factory Talk Logic Echo.

-Emulate 3D Digital Twin.

-Arena Simulation.

-Industrial Automation Control Device.

-Digital Transformer.

  • Company Name: NXP Semiconductor

Service Provides: -Automotive Products.

-Communication Infrastructure Products.

-Industrial Products.

-Mobile Products.

-Smart Home Products.

-Smart Home Products.

Company Name: ABB

Service Provides: -Control room Solution.

-Motor and Generator.

-Electric Vehicle & charging Infrastructure.

-Industrial Analytics AI.

-Low & High Voltage products and System.

-Power electronics Drive & Motors.

-Power Converter/Inverter.

  • Company Name: Schneider Electric

Service Provides: -Food & Beverage.

-Industrial Automation.




  • Company Name: Advantech

Service Provides: -Embedded Solution & design Service.

 -i Healthcare.

-i Logistics.

-Intelligent Transportation System.

-IoT Edge Intelligence Solution & Service.

-Industrial & Telecom Service.

-i Factory.

-Embedded Hardware.

  • Company Name: Intuz

   Service Provides: – IoT Consulting.

-Industrial IoT Solution.

-Healthcare IoT.

-Smart Pump Solution.

-Smart Meter Solution.

-Smart Meter Solution.

  • Company Name: LANARS

    Service Provides: -IoT & IIOT (Industrial of Internet of Things)

    -Hardware development.

    -Embedded System development.

    -Electric System Design.

    -Electronic Design.

    -Prototyping & Assembly.

    -Electronic design.

    -PCB layout.

    -Testing, Validation & Certification.

  • Company Name: Deepsea Developments.

     Service Provides: -Hardware design service.

     -Embedded systems.

     -Custom Hardware development.

     -IoT product development.

     -IoT fleet management.

   -Electric Vehicle charging.

   -Hardware prototyping.

   -Hardware prototyping development.

  • Company Name: Grinn

    Service Provides: -Mechanical product design.

  • 3D CAD design.
  • 2D drawing.
  • Converting conceptual sketches into 3D models or 2D documentation
  • Designing fixtures for programming and testing of electronics.
  • Custom casing design.
  • Toolset: SolidWorks, Solid Edge, FDM 3D printing.

-Electronic design

•          PCB layout.

•          Analog electronics.

•          Digital electronics.

•          Signal and power integrity analysis.

•          EMC compliance.

•          Design for Manufacture.

•          Design for Testing, Automated Production Tests.

•          Toolset: Altium Designer, Spice.

        -Embedded Software development

     Firmware development

•          Microcontrollers: ARM Cortex-M0/M0+/M1/M3/M4/M33, PIC8/16/32, AVR, MSP430, ESP32

•          Application processors: Cortex-A5/A7/A8/A9/A32/A53/A72, Cortex-M7, ARM9, ARM11

•          experience with following processor manufacturer TI, NXP, STMicroelectronics, Nordic, Espresiff, Microchip, Infineon, Cypress

•          language included C/C++/Python/Lua/QML/JavaScript/Go

•          with OS

•          bare metal

•          commonly used in projects:

•          active contributors to: Linux, Bare box, U-Boot, Build root

•          documentation: Sphinx, Dioxygen, Latex

•          other development tools used: Docker, Node.js, Node-RED, Kibana, MongoDB, Python3


•          Xilinx

•          Altera

•          HDL: VHDL, Verilog

•          Interfaces: AXI-3, AXI-4, Wishbone, Avalon, PCIe 3.0, USB 3.1, 1G ETH, HDMI

•          Soft CPU: Micro blaze, Pico blaze, Noise II

•          Solutions: Highly Parallel Data Acquisition and Pre-processing, DSP

•          Toolset: Viv ado (Xilinx), Quartus (Altera)

      -wireless Connectivity.

      -Production management.

  • Company Name: X-berry

       Service Provides:  -Bring up.

  • Device drive.
  • Embedded System.
  • Company Name: IoT plus Australia.

  Service Provides: -Temperature sensors.



   -open/close door sensors.

   -Motion detection.

   -Co2 gas detector sensors.

   – Accelerometers sensors.

   -Voltage meter sensors.

   -Voltage detect.

   – Water rope sensors.

   -Air quality.

    – Differential pressure sensors.

    -Seat occupancy sensors.

  • Company Name: Smith Tek

        Service Provides: -Level sensors.

        -Temp. sensors.

        -pressure. Sensors

        -Chemical process sensors.

        -Flow sensors.

        -Proximity sensors.

        -Light sensors.

       -Distance sensors.

       -Vibration sensors.

   -wall thickness sensors.

   -Motor Controller sensors.


    – valves.


    -Gate/Door sensors.



     -Factory plant.

     -Machine plant.


    -Monitoring sensors.

    -Power supply/used sensors.

    -Livestock sensors.

    -Power generation sensors.

    -Efficiency sensors.

     -Efficiency sensors.

     -Smart home sensors.

  • Company Name: Grand Context

            Service Provides: -Solar tracking sensors.

             -Embedded development sensor.

  • Company Name: Devomeeh solution.

       Service Provides: -prototyping.

   -CAD design.

  -Mechanical design and analysis modeling.

  -Mechanical part Assembling designing.

  -3d printing.

  -Electronic circuit design.

   -Schematic design

   -Custom design library creation.

    -PCB Layout design.

    -Fire well development.

    -PCB design and fabrication.

  • Company Name: Smart control Technology.

           Service Provides: – Smart switches.

          -Smart Light.

          -Smart remote control (TV, Video, physical)

          -IR+RF remote controller.

          -13A smart plug.

          -16A smart plug with power monitoring.

          -Smart magnetic motion sensors.

          -Smart “PIR” Standing motion sensors.

          -Temp. & Humi. Smart sensors.

          -Battery power smart doorbell.

          -Wifi air purify.

          -Smart pet food feeder.

          -Smart robot vacuum.

          -Smart vibration floor lamp.

  • Company Name: Develco Products.

       Service provides: -Sensors & Alarms.

        -Motion detector.

         -Intelligent heat detector.

         -Smart smoke detector.

         -air quality sensor

          -Emergency Button.

         – Smart button.

         -Smart Humidity sensor.

         -Smart siren for medical/Industries.

         -Door & Window sensors.

         -Vibration sensors.

         -Water detector sensors.

        -Smart Relays.

        -Io Modular.

        -Smart Cable

  • Company Name: Cubic Telecom

        Service Provides: -Automotive.



  • Company Name: Ener brain

       Service provides: – Energy Consulting.

        -Environment monitoring.

         -Energy Monitoring.

      -HVAC optimization.

  • Company Name: Axiotek

       Service Provides: -Industrial Automation


-Medical Solution

-Power & Energy

  • Company Name: Macro IoT Solution & Engineering Services

        Service Provides: -PCB Design engineering.

        -Electrical System design

        -Custom electronic circuit design.

  -PCB reverse engineering.

   – Machine design & development.

  -Energy Modeling services.

   -Solar Panel device service.

   -Control System engineering.

-Embedded system design service.

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