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Dive into the realm of microcontrollers with our detailed exploration of Microcontroller Project. From basic concepts to advanced applications, this article serves as your gateway to mastering microcontroller technology and unleashing your creativity in electronics projects.

Intelligent Traffic Light and Density Control using IR Sensors and Microcontroller:

Nowadays congestion in traffic is a serious issue. The traffic congestion can also be caused by large red-light delays, etc. The delay of respective light is hard coded in the traffic light and it is not dependent on traffic. Therefore, for simulating and optimizing traffic control to better accommodate this increasing demand is arises. In this paper we studied the optimization of traffic light controller in a city using microcontroller.

Thus, I propose multiple traffic light control and monitoring system. The system tries to reduce possibilities of traffic jams, caused by traffic lights, to an extent. The system is based on microcontroller. The microcontroller used in the system is 89V51RD2 which is MCS-51 family based. The system contains IR transmitter and IR receiver which are mounted on the either side of roads respectively.

The IR system gets activated whenever any vehicle passes on road between IR transmitter and IR receiver. Microcontroller controls the IR system and counts number of vehicles passing on road. Microcontroller also store vehicles count in its memory. Based on different vehicles count, the microcontroller takes decision and updates the traffic light delays as a result.

The traffic light is situated at a certain distance from the IR system. Thus, based on vehicle count, microcontroller defines different ranges for traffic light delays and updates those accordingly. The system records vehicle counts in its memory at user predefined recording interval on real time basis. This recorded vehicle count data can be used in future to analyze traffic condition at respective traffic lights connected to the system.

For appropriate analysis, the recorded data can be downloaded to the computer through communication between microcontroller and the computer. Administrator sitting on computer can command system (microcontroller) to download recorded data, update light delays, erase memory, etc.

Thus, administrator on a central station computer can access traffic conditions on any approachable traffic lights and nearby roads to reduce traffic congestions to an extent. In future this system can be used to inform people about different places traffic condition.


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Microcontroller based Stepper Motor Drive for an Elevator System:

A microcontroller based unipolar stepper motor drive used for an elevator system. The elevator system developed can move up and down, along with the feature of floor display indicator incorporated in it. The opening and closing of elevator doors are indicated with green and red LED’s respectively. The elevator system is divided into four floors of equal heights, so that the stepper motor took equal number of steps while moving from one floor to another.

The elevator system is operated using micro switches, the control program is developed in C language and Kiel compiler is used to convert this control program into executable file or say in a HEX code.

Sensory Computing and Object Processing Entity: Assistive Robotics for Healthcare:

Team SCOPE has created an assistive robot for healthcare delivery. The robot is mobile, responds to spoken commands, and possesses Artificial Intelligence (AI). It extracts meanings about the patient’s health from conversations and visual interactions. It summarizes these observations into reports that could be merged with the patient’s Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

This process aids healthcare professionals in delivering better care by augmenting attendance, increasing accuracy of patient information collection, aiding in diagnosis, streamlining data collection, and automating the process of ingesting and incorporating this information into EHR systems. SCOPE’s solution uses cloud-based AI services along with local processing.

Using VEX Robotics parts and an Arduino microcontroller, SCOPE created a mobile platform for the robot. The robotic platform implements basic motions and obstacle avoidance. These separate systems are integrated using a Java master program, Node-Red, and IBM Watson cloud services. The resulting AI can be expanded for different applications within healthcare delivery.


Portable System for Monitoring the Microclimate in the Footwear-Foot Interface:

A new, continuously-monitoring portable device that monitors the diabetic foot has shown to help in reduction of diabetic foot complications. Persons affected by diabetic foot have shown to be particularly sensitive in the plantar surface; this sensitivity coupled with certain ambient conditions may cause dry skin. This dry skin leads to the formation of fissures that may eventually result in a foot ulceration and subsequent hospitalization. This new device monitors the micro-climate temperature and humidity areas between the insole and sole of the footwear.

The monitoring system consists of an array of ten sensors that take readings of relative humidity within the range of 100%±2% and temperature within the range of -40°C to 123.8 ± 0.3°C. Continuous data is collected using embedded C software and the recorded data is processed in MATLAB. This allows for the display of data; the implementation of the iterative Gauss-Newton algorithm method was used to display an exponential response curve.

Therefore, the aim of our system is to obtain feedback data and provide the critical information to various footwear manufacturers. The footwear manufactures will utilize this critical information to design and manufacture diabetic footwear that reduce the risk of ulcers in diabetic feet.

Materials and Methods:

System Description:

The first is a portable module that allows us to gather temperature and humidity data using 10 sensors (M1). After the data is collected, a second module (M2) connects the M1 with a personal computer (PC) utilizing a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. The third module is the software interface module (GUI) that allows for acquisition and display of the data in text and graphics. Figure 1 depicts a block diagram of the implemented system.

Sensors 2016, 16, 1059 3 of 11 The first is a portable module that allows us to gather temperature and humidity data using 10 sensors (M1). After the data is collected, a second module (M2) connects the M1 with a personal computer (PC) utilizing a Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. The third module is the software interface module (GUI) that allows for acquisition and display of the data in text and graphics.

Microcontroller Projects:

microcontroller project
Microcontroller Project

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