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1.Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Vehicle Automation and Control mutually Enhanced Safety, Security and Tracking System by Wireless Sensors Networks Project by Macro IoT Solution:

In this contemporary era transportation with Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming as a well-known of the important has a passion for of human. Though it has numerous crave, we face effect of setback in it which cost human life. This free of cost deals mutually problem which cause circumstances beyond one control and further to bind oneself safety.

It deals mutually vibration sensor to notice the accident over this a alert announcement to the idol person which study GPS location. A material involves to demonstrate the certainty of locked seat belt. And it further ensures the traveler is not gain drunken over the liquor sensor and a nearness sensor is deployed to shuffle the collision.

Through this city worker safety is ensured over the automotive mechanism.
Project: Electrical Projects, Embedded Projects, Internet of Things (IoT), Security Projects, Sensor Projects, Wireless Projects

2.Smart Control for Home Water Heater Saving:

The Aqua apt control system is a low cost, non-invasive device which reduces the amount of energy consumed by a typical household’s gas or electric water heater by up to 33%. Three subsystems will be implemented. First, temperature data will be collected and wirelessly sent to an off-site server for analysis. This server will parse through the data to create a usage pattern reflecting the amount of hot water that is required at a given hour of the day.

This knowledge of required hot water needed will translate into times to turn on and off the water heater. Lastly, we made sure that the system was safely secured in a housing along with clamps that make installation simple for a typical homeowner. The Aqua apt sensor has had the ability to demonstrate that current water heaters have the opportunity for energy savings.

Furthermore, the sensor has proven that the on off state of the water heater can be controlled for both gas and electric water heaters with an external controller. Finally, Aqua apt has successfully demonstrated that a flow rate sensor is not necessary in order to calculate the mass flow rate of hot water leaving the tank. Further work includes creating a phone application which will allow the user to fully control their water heater remotely.

Also creating a recognition code which will allow the sensor to recognize when different hot water appliances are being used.
Project: Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Projects, Wireless Projects

3.Embedded based Home Automation mutually Appliance Control and Power Consumption Analysis via Internet of Things (IoT):

Internet of Things (IoT) is an departure from the norm that interfaces for the most part things and the Internet in underhanded spaces. By executions of knowledge by the whole of detecting gadgets, IoT has been broadly accessible to particular fields, for concrete illustration, know-how homes, the research fields in capable homes restrict brilliance into birthplace territories for pity, wellbeing, warranty, medicinal services, and heart protection. The section for pity and successful life are especially imperative in effective homes.

In this way of doing thing, country of origin land mechanization is a standout amongst the roughly integral and basic segments for the IoT-based underhanded home innovation. Home robotization frameworks are utilized to approach home gadgets or machines in effective homes and address programmed remote clear inside or before homes.


In this undertaking we can safeguard the persistent area in our home at the hand of our mobile via Internet of Things technology. Immediate updating and control of the appliances with live status monitoring.
Smart sensors help to analyses and eliminate the happenings of hazardous event.
On-board alert system helps to notify the occurrence of harmful events.
Cloud integration helps to get the live status updating and remote control of the appliances from any part of the world.

Projects Highlight:

In Houses Safety and Security is subject to the Highest Priority. So maintaining the continuous Temperature on the level and preventing Smoke/Gas leakage is Mandatory. For this motive we are using Gas Sensor and Temperature Sensor in this project.

Gas Sensor is secondhand to notice the Hazardous Smoke/Gas leakage. The Buzzer will sharp if there is entire smoke or dope leakage.
Temperature Sensor detects the abnormal rise in Temperature. The Buzzer will sharp if there is any appear in Temperature before threshold value.

Component Used in Internet of Things (IoT): Hardware Components

Power Supply
Gas Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Software Components

Arduino IDE
Embedded C
Android App
Project: Electrical Projects, Embedded Projects, Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Projects

4.Smart Fitness Machine:

The Smart Fitness Machine is an aftermarket product that is designed to automatically track a user’s performance for a specific workout machine. The system offers a modular solution for any modern weight lifting machine that does not have a “smart” or internet connected feature. This product is inexpensive and offers an ideal solution for gyms to make their machines “smart” and upgrade a gym with modern specifications. This system eliminates the need for a user to manually record weight, sets, and repetitions during a workout.

The system also allows for a personal trainer or physical therapist to monitor a client’s progress as well as give a client specific instruction without being present. The data gathered is displayed in a useful manner via Android phone and online. The system consists of a micro controller that is connected to multiple sensors on the machine. The micro controller collects sensor data and calculates the amount of weight, reps, and sets a user has completed on the machine.

This micro controller will then send the data over the Internet through a Wi – Fi connection to a database to be stored and sorted. Then, a user can then view his or her workout information via Android phone and online. By providing an affordable and modular solution, which can be used on many weight machines, this product will allow users to focus on the workout while getting quality data.
Project: Electrical Projects, Internet of Things (IoT), Microcontroller Projects, Sensor Projects, Wireless Projects

In conclusion, the INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT) Project by Macro IoT Solution & Engineering Services showcases the transformative power of technology in revolutionizing connectivity and automation. With innovative solutions at the forefront, Macro IoT Solution is paving the way for a smarter, more interconnected future.

Internet of Things (IoT)
internet of things

FAQ in Internet of Things (IoT) for Macro IoT Solution & Engineering Services:

How does Macro IoT Solution ensure safety in transportation with IoT technology?

Macro IoT Solution employs wireless sensor networks and smart vehicle automation to enhance safety in transportation. This includes features like accident detection, seat belt monitoring, alcohol detection, and collision avoidance mechanisms.

What is the main focus of Macro IoT Solution’s projects?

Macro IoT Solution focuses on implementing Internet of Things (IoT) technology to enhance safety, security, and automation in various domains such as transportation, home appliances, fitness equipment, and more.

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