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Performance Evaluation of Embedded Microcomputers for Avionics Applications:

Embedded microcomputers are used in a wide range of applications nowadays. Avionics is one of these areas and requires extra attention regarding reliability and determinism. Thus, these issues should also be born in mind in addition to performance when evaluating embedded microcomputers. This project suggests a framework for performance evaluation of two members of the PowerPC microprocessor family, namely the MPC5554 from Freescale and PPC440EPx from AMCC, and analyzes the results within and between these processors.

The framework can be generalized to be used in any microprocessor family, if required. Apart from performance evaluation, this study also suggests also a new terminology by introducing the concept of determinism levels to be able to estimate determinism issues in avionics applications more clearly, which is crucial regarding the requirements and working conditions of this very application.

Such estimation does not include any practical results as in performance evaluation, but rather remains theoretical. Similar to Auto mark used by Auto Bench™ in the EEMBC Benchmark Suite, we introduce a new performance metric score that we call AVI mark and we carry out a detailed comparison of AVI mark with the traditional Auto mark™ score to be able to see how AVI mark differs from Auto mark in behavior.

Finally, we have developed a graphical user interface (GUI) which works in parallel with the Green Hills MULTI Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in order to simplify and automate the evaluation process. By the help of the GUI, the users will be able to easily evaluate their specific PowerPC processors by starting the debugging from MULTI IDE.


  • Aeronautics / Avionics / Space Projects,
  • Embedded Projects

IoT based Smart Vehicle Automation and Control mutually Enhanced Safety, Security and Tracking System by Wireless Sensors Networks:

Vehicle Automation
Vehicle Automation

In this contemporary era transportation is becoming as a well-known of the important has a passion for of human. Though it has numerous crave, we face effect of setback in it which cost human life. This free of cost deals mutually problem which cause circumstances beyond one control and further to bind oneself safety.

It deals mutually vibration sensor to notice the accident over this a alert announcement to the idol person which study GPS location. A material involves to demonstrate the certainty of locked seat belt. And it further ensures the traveler is not gain drunken over the liquor sensor and a nearness sensor is deployed to shuffle the collision. Through this city worker safety is ensured over the automotive mechanism.


  • Electrical Projects,
  • Embedded Projects,
  • Internet of Things (IoT),
  • Security Projects,
  • Sensor Projects,
  • Wireless Projects.

Embedded system for Hazardous Gas Detection and Alerting:

Safety plays a major role in today’s world and it is necessary that good safety systems are to be implemented in places of education and work. This work modifies the existing safety model installed in industries and this system also be used in homes and offices. The main objective of the work is designing microcontroller based toxic gas detecting and alerting system.

The hazardous gases like LPG and propane were sensed and displayed each and every second in the LCD display. If these gases exceed the normal level, then an alarm is generated immediately and also an alert message (SMS) is sent to the authorized person through the GSM. The advantage of this automated detection and alerting system over the manual method is that it offers quick response time and accurate detection of an emergency and in turn leading faster diffusion of the critical situation.


  • Embedded Projects,
  • Microcontroller Projects,
  • Security Projects,
  • Sensor Projects,
  • Wireless Projects

Rhapsody on Small Processor Platforms:

Rhapsody is a Model-Driven Development (MDD) tool for embedded and real-time system design. The purpose of this thesis is to determine if Rhapsody can be used for software development on small processor platforms such as the Atmel AVR. Rhapsody is normally used on platforms running an operating system. Therefore, certain adaptations are needed in order to use it on platforms without an operating system.

These adaptations and their effect on the usability of the tool, advantages and disadvantages are all studied while porting AVR-software to Rhapsody on one of CC Systems products, the robust on-board computer CC Pilot XL II.

In order to fulfill the goal of making working Rhapsody implementations, several limitations have been imposed on the project. Although there are several similar products on the market, Rhapsody is the only tool investigated in this thesis. Due to licensing issues, the version of Rhapsody used in this thesis is 6.1 although newer versions were available.

The techniques discussed in this thesis could be used on a number of different small platform systems, but they have only been tested on two members of the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers. Due to the sheer size of the generated code and in consideration of the company’s copyright, no production code is included in the thesis. Instead, a small example project has been developed for demonstrating purposes.

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