One of the key components of our offerings is the ALMIG Butterfly valve, a critical element in industrial processes where precise flow control is paramount. Designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, ALMIG Butterfly valves are renowned for their durability, reliability, and versatility.

Welcome to Macro IoT Solution & Engineering Services, where innovation meets excellence in the realm of industrial solutions. At Macro IoT, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, delivering comprehensive engineering services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering as we continuously strive to integrate the latest advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) into our solutions, optimizing efficiency, reliability, and performance.

As we delve into the intricate world of industrial automation, the ALMIG Butterfly valve emerges as a cornerstone, empowering industries to achieve optimal efficiency and productivity.

Type: ALMIG Butterfly valve

Pressure Rating: PN10, PN16, JIS5K,JIS10K, JIS16K
Material: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, WCB, Stainless Steel, Bronze
Design Standard: BS 5155, EN593, API 609, JIS B2064
Inspection Standard: BS 6755, EN12266, API 598, FIS B2003-87, GB/T 13927-92, M
Application medium: water, oil, gas
Operate: Manual, Worm gear, Pneumatic, Electric-Motorized

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Macro IoT Solution & Engineering Services is a wide-ranging integrated technological organization in Bangladesh. We are an exceptional IoT solution and industrial engineering service provider in Bangladesh. Our company is structured to provide support and solution for Steel Industry, Pulps & Paper Sector, Freight Forwarding Sector, Oil & Gas Sector, Glass & Ceramic, Hospitals Clinic & Diagnostic, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Battery Manufacturing, Smart Urban Communities, Transport & Logistics, Chemical Industry and Textile.

ALMIG Butterfly valve
ALMIG Butterfly valve
ALMIG Butterfly valve

In conclusion, at Macro IoT Solution & Engineering Services, we understand the significance of reliable and efficient industrial solutions in today’s dynamic landscape. With our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation, coupled with the utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as the ALMIG Butterfly valve, we empower industries to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. As we continue to push the boundaries of possibility, we remain committed to delivering unparalleled engineering services that drive success and propel our clients towards a future of limitless possibilities. Experience the difference with Macro IoT – where ingenuity meets industry.

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