Type: Air Controller-III

The ALMiG AIR CONTROL III is the most advanced controller series ALMiG manufactures for all compressors above 50 HP and for the VARIABLE series as a standard feature. This controller is also able to be installed on any other brand of compressor in today’s market. The ALMiG AIR CONTROL III is truly unique in that it is manufactured with an integrated sequencer for controlling up to 8 compressors. This controller is also setup for connection to a factory wide data bus. The technology needed to operate and monitor up to 8 compressors simultaneously is advanced and allows for another unique feature: operating diagrams.

These diagrams can display the following:

  • Utilization of the compressor
  • Total operating hours
  • Full load hours
  • Idle times
  • Shutdown times
  • VSD percentage
  • Pressure diagram
  • Temperature diagram
  • Produced CFM of air
  • Daily profile
  • Weekly profile
  • Service intervals / hours

With this advanced technology as well as permanent display of idle times, internal pressure, actual network pressure, and compressor temperature you have all the control necessary to maintain and operate an advanced, multi-compressor system.


  • Integrated microprocessor controller
  • 2.5-inch X 4.5-inch, 240 X 128-pixel, plaintext LCD display
  • System optimizer for lowest power consumption
  • Pressure optimizer for constant pressure (+/- 2 psi)
  • VSD soft start feature to avoid power peaks during startup
  • RPM percentage monitor
  • Pre alarm system for scheduling preventative maintenance
  • Automatic shut-down before damage
  • Monitor for temperature, main motor, fan motor, drive and system pressure
  • Service hour counter for air filter, oil, oil filter and fine separator
  • Automatic restart after power loss
  • Remote start/stop features
  • Self-test before every start-up
  • 7 input / output timers for digital switching (on / off)
  • 7 timers pressure reduction


  • Advanced high performance microcontroller design
  • Programmable, five button keypad
  • Direct access to the VSD parameters
  • Instantaneous monitoring of all parameters and their set points, actual status, pressure, temperature, faults or warnings
  • High speed digital signal processor
  • Digital inputs to monitor external accessories like dryers or filters
  • Digital outputs to control external accessories like dryers, fans, and heating devices
  • Remote start/stop interface
  • Automatic backup before shutdown

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